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Stay at Dyer’s Cottage Halifax and see the sculptures of Sophie Ryder in the Piece Hall

Sophie Ryder is one of Britain’s foremost sculptors. Several of her latest works of art are on display in the Piece Hall Halifax until May 23 2022. This unique magnificent building, built in 1779, was originally used to enable local cottage handloom weavers to sell their 30 yard long pieces of cloth on a Saturday but it subsequently has had many other uses including a wholesale market, small shops, an art gallery and museum. After being closed for several years to enable a massive renovation, it re-opened its huge doors on Yorkshire Day, August 1 2017 and now houses an impressive selection of shops, bars, cafes and galleries as well as hosting a range of cultural events. This is why the outdoors setting is so appropriate and her huge animal representations can be displayed with plenty of space around them so people can get up close. Created from sawdust, wet plaster, old machine parts, old toys, wire, scraps of paper and charcoal, they are clearly very sustainable. This free display of animals and mystical creatures is truly remarkable and should not be missed. In addition to the pieces outside in the courtyard, the Piece Hall Gallery is bursting with many more of Sophie’s unique charcoal drawings, bronze scale models and wire creations which take you into a mystical journey through her style.

Dyer’s Cottage has availability from Monday May 16 to Monday May 23 waiting for you! Please phone 07359 200053 to book directly with the owner.

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